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Find Recently Hired Decision Makers

Find Recently Hired Decision Makers

Find employees at a company that were hired within the past __ months.

Varun Anand
1 min.

Finding Recently Hired Decision Makers

In this comprehensive guide, we will walk you through an efficient method to identify decision makers in organizations who were recently hired. This is a potent strategy for tracking potential new buyers in the market.

Step 1: Accessing Enrichments
Start by heading to the 'enrichments' section of Clay. This is the area where you'll be able to find valuable information about individuals within specific companies.

Step 2: Finding People in Specific Roles
Once you're in the 'enrichments' section, look for the 'Find People' integration. This tool allows you to search for individuals based on the company and their role. Enter the company identifier into the appropriate field.

Step 3: Specifying the Role
After entering the company identifier, specify the role you're interested in. For example, you might be searching for the 'Director of Sales' in the company.

Step 4: Setting Time Range
Next, define the time range within which the person must have been hired. For this guide, we've set it as the last three months. This is a handy feature to target recent hires who might be on the lookout for new collaborations or purchases.

Step 5: Retrieve Key Details
Once the search parameters are set, proceed to retrieve their key details such as their name and title. This will help you personalize your approach when reaching out to them.

Step 6: Confirmation
The system will display a list of individuals matching your criteria. For instance, "Chris, Director of Sales, Media Fly" could be one of the recently hired decision makers you discover.

There you have it – a simple and effective way to find recently hired decision makers within any organization. By following these steps, you'll have a targeted list of potential new buyers, ready for your sales approach.

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