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How to find decision makers and their contact information

Use our LinkedIn integration to find people within a company, then enrich for their contact info.

Matthew Quan
3 min.

So, you’ve found some companies that you feel are viable prospects for your outreach and now want to find a way to contact them. A natural next step would be to find the company’s contact information, preferably from a decision maker that has the ability to directly make change for you and your business.

In this video, Matthew shows us how to find the decision makers through one of our LinkedIn integrations. Here’s how to do it:

Step 1: Make sure you’ve found and enriched the companies you’re trying to find decision makers in. You can check our Enrich Company Tutorial to do this.

Step 2. Go to out “Find People” integration. The prompts will ask you for a limit to how many people you want returned, what job titles you’re looking for, the company domain, and whether you only want people that are currently at the company.

Step 3: Click “Run”, and people that match your criteria will appear in the results. You may want to map their names out to your table for this next step.

Step 4: Go to our “Find Work Email” integration. Put in the prospect’s name and company domain, and then click “Run”.

From there, you will have the work emails of the main decision makers at each company! You can use this information for outreach, getting your product or service to the people that can really use it. We hope this helps, happy prospecting ⛏!

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