Scrape LinkedIn Posts with Clay

Scrape a specific user's LinkedIn posts and use it for tasks such as customizing outreach messaging.

Clay Team
7 min

A person’s LinkedIn posts can reveal a ton about their interests, needs and potential pain points that you may be able to solve. However, it’s difficult to scroll through each individual’s LinkedIn posts when you’re prospecting on a large scale. It’s even more difficult to personalize their messaging using accurate assumptions based on these posts - until now. With Clay’s “Scrape Recent LinkedIn Posts” integration, this can all be completely automated, saving you hours of time in your quest to find prospects!

The first step in this process is finding qualified prospects to scrape. This can be done through Clay’s “Sources” tab, or manually if you’ve already found the people you’re trying to reach out to. Once that’s done, you’re ready to scrape some LinkedIn Posts! Click “Enrich”, and search for the integration. Throw your prospect’s LinkedIn profile into the allotted section, click “Run”, and let Clay do its magic.

Once your prospects’ recent LinkedIn posts have populated, there are a variety of use cases you can immediately apply to your outreach. You can map any of these posts into your Clay table, or you can run integrations directly after your results have populated. One of our favorites is our partnership with OpenAI- you can write personalized emails to prospects, using their recent post as a reference point- at scale! We hope this is helpful and feel free to reach out if you have any questions.

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