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How to import data from a CSV

How to import data from a CSV

Importing a CSV into Clay to use as a data source is incredibly easy: just drag and drop it into our native CSV converter and the table will automatically populate! From there, you can easily add additional information or begin to use our 70+ integrations with your data.

Matthew Quan
1 min.

You may want to download a CSV from a source such as Excel or Google Docs to import it into Clay. This can save you tons of time in copying over data that you can later use with Clay’s 70+ integrations. In this video, Matthew started with a list of tech companies and basic information that he wanted to transfer from Google Sheets into Clay. Here’s how he does it:

Step 1: In Google Sheets, go to “Download As” and selects CSV. If you’re on Excel, you would do this in the “Save As” section.

Step 2: After downloading the CSV, go to Clay and click the “New Table” button. After that, you can just upload or drag/drop the CSV file into Clay, where it will populate into your Clay table.

From there, you can use this data in combination with some of our enrichments, and then export the data back out into csv form, to CRMs, and more! We hope this helps, and happy prospecting ⛏

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