Linking Clay to Zapier

Connecting Clay to Zapier for amazing automation hacks.

Matthew Quan
5 min.

Connecting Clay to Zapier can be one of the most powerful moves your sales team can make in automating your prospecting and outreach flow. Zapier connects to 5000+ apps, and Clay is one of them. These automations can save hours of time in performing tedious, repetitive tasks and can even tackle some of the creative side as well.

Since there are nearly endless ways to use Clay and Zapier together, we decided to create this video to demonstrate an example. To go with that, here are a few of the different actions Clay can take in Zapier:

1. Create a Record
Create a Clay record using information from thousands of apps on Zapier.

2. Update a Record
Update an existing Clay record with new information.

3. Find Record in Table
Locate a Clay record for updating, scraping, and more.

4. Find Select Option ID for Table Field
Finds a Select Option ID by its text value

5. Find User
Finds a user in a workspace by name, table, or ID.

For an awesome example of Clay’s capabilities using Zapier, check out the video! We hope this helps, feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions, and happy prospecting ⛏

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